Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Bear, New Blog

So my mom has been hounding me to start a blog sooooo here it is! I finally made one. Okay well she did a lot of setting it up, haha, Thanks Momma! So I thought this would be a good way to start...I'm introducing Mr. Bear and His Pumpkin for Halloween. I'm really proud of this one. I made him all on my own...I remembered how to sew his head on :). It got me back in the mood for creating so I am currently making another bear. YAY! HOPEFULLY I can have him finished in a couple of days, we shall see :)

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Brenda, Rusty Creek Primitives said...

well what do you do with bratty kids?! ha! just kidding. just kidding. I love your bear Lauren and I am so proud of you. You did such a good job on him. When are you finishing the owl and moon? Hum??? hehe I'm also glad you got your BLOG going and your first post! woohoo! The stories I can tell! muah ahhh ahhhhh ;)



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