Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas in the Air

Ahhh, yes....Christmas is near. We got the first winter snow last night. Everything is pretty and white out today. Its slowly melting away now but thats beside the point. Everyone is playing Christmas music in their offices at work. My department put lights and decorations all over the place. Just makes you feel warm and cozy. Took out the dogs this morning. This is Freeway's first snow. He started eating it like crazy. Toby was shaking like a leaf and Karma tried to run and slid all over the place.


Brenda, Rusty Creek Primitives said...

Awww! Hurry up and post some pics. I want to see my babies :)

Brenda, Rusty Creek Primitives said...

awwwwww, little Tobalone is like "I don't be likin' this snow. It's cold. Take me inside."
and Karma has the deer-in-headlights look"
and a horse! Good Lord. He is big! and stopped what he was doing to pose LoL He's a pretty dog.


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